Project: Invisible Cities - Possible City Layout Ideas

So here I have some city layouts that I could potentially use, but am not too sure what would be best suited to my city of Diomira (see description below).
City Layout 1:
This city will be on a somewhat flat terrain and encased by the 60 silver domes. The city will have the crystal theatre as the central piece and buildings will splay out from the centre in a sun ray sort of fashion.

City Layout 2:
This idea involves the entire city being set upon a small mountain, with stairs and hilly walkways scattered between the buildings and houses. At the peak of the mountain will be the crystal theatre and the bronze statues of gods circling around it. The silver domes will surround the perimeter of the bottom of the mountain, like a tower of profiteroles.

So there you have it guys, those are my ideas so far. Both ideas take a slightly different approach to the city. I feel that city layout 2 takes a more rural village approach, whereas city layout 1 makes it feel like a bustling city, with towering buildings and terraced houses. So, any thoughts and opinions? Let me know in the comments below ^.^


  1. I really like number 2, you're low establishing shot would look incredible with that layout.
    Number 1 looks great as well, but I think personally number 2 is the one I'd choose.

  2. I like both ideas though I think 2 matches your city more in terms of design.

  3. It's so great you're able to find inspiration in everyday objects and food, like the summer projects taught us! I would say 2 as well :) Should look gorgeous!

  4. great post, Chelsea! nice 'thinking out loud' here - getting your ideas out and down. I think 2 has more dramatic potential too.


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