Project: Invisible Cities - Initial Thumbnail Sketches 5, 6 and 7

Oh look, more thumbnails! To be honest, I wasn't as inspired with this set as I was with the previous sketches, but I came up with what I could. Below you will see my ideas for Anastasia, a city that drives the visitor mad with desire and delusion, causing the victim to believe they are enjoying themselves when really, they are the city's slave.

I enjoyed creating Argia particularly because this is actually a hand drawn sketch I scanned in and painted under, like using a line art technique. I also found sketching by hand a lot quicker than using a tablet, so you may be seeing more of this technique in future works!

With the city of Armilla, I felt that it was too same-y, like I was repeating myself with each thumbnail, but the basic idea was that this city was not so much a city, as it was a mass of pipes from where the buildings once were.


  1. Love 5 and 7 from Anastasia! 8 and 14 from Argia look really good, can see them looking great with a bit of colour!

    Look forward to seeing more!


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