Project: Invisible Cities - Layout Trial

Here's just a quick attempt at laying out how I could possibly go about my exterior low angle shot. Just a rough copy but the idea's still there!

The shot here is a depiction of what the entrance to the crystal theatre could look like, where a set of gates lead to this grand piece of architecture, and the pathway aligned with bronze statues of the gods. I will vary how the gods look in the final piece but I wanted to establish how the shot would look. I'm not too sure about the composition, so I may just go back to thumb nailing the layouts.


  1. This is looking wonderful Chels, I really like the composition but maybe try it a little lower and see what it looks like?

  2. I really like it and yes how Kayliegh has mentioned try a colour comp as well !!!

  3. I think it looks awesome Chelz, but the statues and the palace look a little flat, so maybe include some shadows or shading to give it a bit more of a 3D effect :)

  4. Love what you did with the statues!


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