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Project: The "What If" Metropolis - More Key Assets, Some Orthographs to match, and Quick Composition Ideas

Admittedly, I have been a little stuck as to how I can progress with this project. After gaining feedback from my OGR, with Phil's advice, I started to rethink the composition of my final concept piece. It was also advised to include more city into my city, so I started thinking more repetitively with the layout and buildings. It's not the best quality, but here are some rough ideas as to how I can lay out my city. Creating some orthographs actually helped me in to figuring out what to include building wise. Here's hoping I can produce some good results! 

Film Review: Michael Powell and Emetic Pressburger's "Black Narcissus" (1947)

Figure 1. Black Narcissus Movie Poster

Subliminal messaging and a rather hectic atmosphere has never been more notable than in Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s “Black Narcissus” (1947). It is a story of how five nuns travel to a mountain top village known as Mopu, located within the Himalayas, to open up a convent for the village as a school and hospital, although the old building used to house a monastery, but was originally intended to house the dead General’s concubines. 
Figure 2. Sister Ruth bathed in red light
The film displays a psychological aspect of repression, which is quite scandalous if one was to release this sort of film within the modest 1940’s. As Mark Duguid wrote, “Although the script never directly challenged the strict standards of the censors, it hardly needs saying that the repressed desires of nuns was not a common - or safe - subject for a British film in 1947.” (N/A) The village of Mopu is set high up within the mountains, so naturally the air gets thinne…

Maya: Part 2 - Exterior Lighting - Sunset


Artist Toolkit: Life Drawing Session - 26.11.14


Film Review: Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhands" (1990)

Figure 1. Edward Scissorhands DVD cover
Being one of his first set of most memorable films, Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands” (1990) is one to be easily recognised. It all begins in a suburban town with the exaggerated appearance of the 1950’s era, with pastel coloured houses and clean cut lawns as far as you could imagine. A kind hearted Avon lady, played by Dianne Wiest, was going about her daily business, only to be lacking in selling her products. Without giving up hope, she spies a gloomy looking castle set on the mountain located at the outer edge of this town. Unfazed by it’s appearance, she proceeds to travel to said castle, only to find a mysterious being lurking within, with a ghostly white face, clad in black, and with scissors for hands. Meet Edward, played by Johnny Depp, an unfinished man created by an old scientist, who sadly died before he could complete his creation. The story then proceeds with following Edward around this suburbia and how each misfortune snowballs i…

Artist Toolkit: Zoetrope Test Animation

It may not be the best quality video, but here is a rough test of how I plan to lay out each frame of my final zoetrope strip. I thought I'd have a fairy do a backflip in light of the upcoming festive season. :)

Maya: Lighting and Rendering - Alien Orbs

My making process and final render of my lighting up the alien orbs.

Maya: Part 1: Exterior Lighting - Mid Day

Here is the making process and the final render that I lit up in Maya. 

Online Greenlight Review Part 2 - Project: The "What If" Metropolis - 19/11/14

Project: The "What If" Metropolis - Key Asset Production Art and Orthographic Drawings


Project: The "What If" Metropolis - Composition Developments

After receiving feedback on my previous set of thumbnails, I have developed the images that had been brought to my attention. Here I am trying to experiment with angling, lighting and composition for my final concept art. I feel that in numbers 1 and 3, I need to bring more elements into the foreground.  Let me know in the comments down below what you think so far! :)

Artist Toolkit: Life Drawing Session - 19/11/14

So this week was more of a relaxed session with our model. We did a series of quick poses varying in different times, and these are the results. Essentially, I prefer doing quick drawings, rather than taking a prolong amount of time with just one drawing. I hope guys you like them!
5 minute poses:
3 minute poses:
1 minute/30second poses: 
Freetime sketches:

Project: The "What If" Metropolis - Thumbnails 72 to 87 - Composition Ideas

Ok so here I've made some thumbnails to consider the possible composition for my concept art. Let me know in the comments below what you think I should take forward. :)

Project: The "What If" Metropolis - Travelogue UPDATED

It has been a while since you last saw any form of life along the dusty, barren pathway. The road ahead is a long one, and the rocky terrain at the foot of the towering mountains is a treacherous path to travel. Any traveller is advised to remain cautious of the cavernous depths of the mountains’ pathway. Trekking onwards, the path becomes thinner; more narrow, as you progress. But wait. You spy an opening. Perhaps a way out. The light draws nearer as you push forward, tip toeing between the tight spaces of the rocks and rubble scattering the path. It gradually becomes closer. You finally make it out. And there it is. Amplexus.
Stumbling through the gap, you venture on to this strange environment. As you gaze upwards, you are only just able to decipher the peak of the monuments buildings aligned along the road into the city. Each building varies in height and shape. The abstract forms of the mass amount of structures leaves one puzzled, as it is difficult to determine where the entra…

Maya: Digital Sets Part 2 - UV Layout & Texturing Preparation

It took a good while, but I finally got there! Here's an image of my progress with texturing my alleyway, now on to lighting my set!

Project: The "What If" Metropolis - Thumbnails 65 - 71 and updated Influence Map

Admittedly, I have been slightly struggling with compiling together ideas for my city after my feedback from my OGR. I thought the OGR went rather well, but I would have to say that my biggest  concern would be that I would essentially repeat myself in my thumbnails. But I will try my best to churn out more ideas!
And so, here is what I've come up with so far. Based on my feedback from Tutor Phil on my OGR, I needed to look more into my artist and consider his work closely. It was noted that my city should have more of an "old-school" power source to it, such as kilns and forges, and the buildings, despite size, should be more low lying.

In my influence map, I have included factors such as skeletal structures and wooden frames as an approach to my idea of negative spacing, mixed with my interpretation of Phil's idea of "old-school". Below are a couple of designs for my cities lights and buildings. I wanted to keep it relatively abstract and curvy, in light…

Artist Toolkit: Life Drawing Session - 12/11/14


Film Review: Jean Cocteau's La Belle et la Bête (1946)

Figure 1. Original Movie Poster
Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête, also known as Beauty and the Beast (1946), is a fairytale spectacle to behold. It is a tale of fantasy and romance, set within France, of a bankrupt merchant losing his possessions due to money troubles, and how he stumbles upon a mysterious castle within a forest, only to encounter The Beast. The Beast caught the merchant stealing from his garden, and said he would die for such a crime. The merchant then begged The Beast, resulting in a proposition. If the merchant wasn’t able to have one of his daughters replace him, he would then pay for his crimes. After travelling home, the merchant tells all to his three daughters and only son. Belle, the beauty, being the kindest one of all three sisters, rode out into the night to take her father’s place, as she is most loyal to him. The story then continues with the development of the relationship between Belle and The Beast.
Figure 2. Candelabra held by human arms

Cocteau’s ren…

Maya: Character Part 2 - Texturing

Just a quick few images to show my process of texturing my characters. 

Online Greenlight Review Part 1 - Project: The "What If" Metropolis - 05/11/14

Project: The "What If" Metropolis: Initial Thumbnails 49 - 64

After researching more into Richard Deacon's sculptures, I was quite captured by the colour of his ceramics. After writing my Travelogue, it helped me to progress a little further with my thumbnail designs. They're still a little sketchy, but I'm hoping the basics are there!