Project: Invisible Cities - Exterior Establishing Shot Practise

Just a quick practise to see how I want to lay out my exterior establishing shot final piece. As you can see, I went for two completely different, extreme camera angles.

Idea 1 is a true bird's eye view of the city itself, and it gives us a feel of the wide expanse of the city and how large it can be. I thought that a slanted shot would create a more dynamic view of the city as I didn't want the shot to be too stiff. You know, just getting the whole "expressive" theme in there. The only thing I would say that I want to redo is the cloud at the front. I MADE IT TOO OPAQUE! D: I'd make the cloud more transparent so you can see the full city.

Idea 2 is at a low level angle. I guess you could say it's at human eye level, looking up at the magnificence of the city, as I want to portray this grand sort of experience when an individual visits.

As these are rough copies, I wasn't too fussed with detail at the time, but obviously I'd consider shapes and scalings of the buildings if this were the final piece.

So guys, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below! ^.^


  1. I think 2 is a better composition personally though 1 is interesting.


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