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Maya: Pipeline 1 - Head Modelling Part 5 (The Eyes)


Narrative: Laboratory Concept so far


Character: Villain and Sidekick/Pet Initial Sketches



Character OGR

Narrative: Animation Storyboard


Maya: Before and After Poses

Set 1 Before: After:
Set 2  Before:

Set 3 Before:
Set 4 Before:
Set 5 Before:

Character: Posing and Expressions

Today's character session was a lot of fun. We were given a set of phrases and were tasked to pose them whilst we were drawn by the rest of the members of the group we were placed in.This was to help us better understand the structure of the "skeleton" that is created by the movement, as well as looking at how different shapes portray different emotions.

We were then asked to chose one of our favourite characters and alter their body language and facial expressions into the opposite of their normal personality. I chose Princess Zelda and depicted her as someone a bit more aggressive, rather than her usual calm and collected self.

Character: 'The Hero' Initial Ideas

For my character design project, I chose the three cards:

The idea so far is that the story behind the game that this character will be featured in goes like so; deep within the ocean, past many reefs and bundles of seaweed, there is a kingdom. This kingdom is habited by many fantastical ocean creatures, one of them being the king. The king lives within an extravagant palace, and deep in the heart of the palace lies the powerful force that protects and energises the kingdom; a precious pearl, almost as large as one's head, that breathes life into the kingdom.

But one day, an evil creature, once a member of the royal court but now banished, stole the pearl from the kingdom so that they may claim the power for themselves.

With the kingdom in danger, the king calls forward any brave soul to go and retrieve the pearl. A plucky young creature steps forward, in hopes of proving himself to the kingdom that he has the potential to become something more.

The plucky you…

Narrative: Environment Thumbnails

For the beginning of our group projects, we were asked to chose 3 cards to help us create our story. The cards my group chose were:

In a Laboratory
Tonal Montage
After weeks of brainstorming and refining plots and experimenting with the technique of tonal montage, we have finally come to an agreement of how the story for our animation will play out.

So far, the story will be based around two robots. A lonely scientist has spent many years of his life dedicated to creating a new generation of robot. Robots that are capable of feeling and experiencing human emotions. But this is no simple task, for it involved a lot of trial and error, resulting in copious amounts of unsuccessful experiments. The most recent model of robot is still functioning, until it discovers that there is a newer robot being created on the table next to it. The now old robot becomes jealous of this newer model, but due to the emotion of jealousy being so vast and indescribable, the old robot is unable to cope…