Project: Invisible Cities - Crystal Theatre Development

Ok so here we have some more ideas by yours truly, this time, it being about the crystal theatre mentioned within the text extract of Diomira (see image below)

Bearing in mind that these are rough sketches, I just wanted to quickly get my ideas down before they disappear! My initial thought was to make the theatre somewhat abstract and "expressive" by including the jagged crystal forms within the design, but I also want to include the polished and spiritual aesthetic of temples to then create what I consider to be the "centre piece" of my city. I want this piece of architecture to be grand and bold, so when it said that there was a crystal theatre, I took it as literally being made of crystals, hence why I chose the colour scheme of pinks, blues and purples.

While sketch 1 has a more asymmetrical approach to this grand design, sketch 2 appears to be more balanced and palace-like. I've also included a few rough sketches of how the interior could look at different angles, as well as a few images that I took inspiration from.

Sketch 1:

Sketch 2:

Interior Sketches:



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