Project: Invisible Cities - Initial Thumbnail Concept Idea 4

This is Diomira, a city that is filled with many extravagant monuments and sculptures. Where the buildings are tall and the lights glow brightly in the dim autumn nights. Or at least... That's how I pictured it. I particularly enjoyed working with this description, I imagined it to be like a romantic sort of area, like Venice in a sense. I might consider this as my choice of city, BUT there are still plenty more to do!


  1. I like 3, 6 and 14. 3 is somewhat mysterious and gives the impression of a sweet, small city however 14 seems grander and gives the impression of a bigger city.

  2. yep, the romance shines out of these thumbnails!

  3. Hi Chelsea you have some nice images here, lots of tone and depth.
    I read in one of your earlier posts about discovering Maya. At the early stages it can be tedious but follow the tutorials they are designed to build up gently. As a reminder:
    Don't forget the two tutorials you have to do for Monday..... As a reminder they are:

    Character Part 1: Modelling


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