Autodesk Maya - Tutorial - Modelling

And so I have finally caught up on my Maya tutorials. Here we have the first tutorial given to us. The idea was to create a series of eggcups using different primitives, eg. Polygons and NURBUS. We were meant to create a third eggcup out of Subdivisions but unfortunately we couldn't use this feature as it was taken out of the 2015 software. Below you will see my making process of these eggcups:

I honestly enjoyed creating this model, it was definitely a lot easier than my pencil and eraser models I spoke of in my previous post. I wanted to explore the software a bit more, so I incidentally did start messing around a bit with the features. (After saving, of course!)

And eventually, we made it! My finished eggcups! On the left is the Polygon eggcup and on the right is the NURBUS eggcup. I really think I'm starting to get in to the swing of things with Maya now :) Roll on the next tutorial!


  1. Hi Chelsea well done for getting this far. You need to crack on and get the old alley scene sorted now.


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