Project: Invisible Cities - Development Sketches (Coloured) and Updated Influence Maps

So after having had feedback given on my OGR, it was clear to me then that I needed to have a more solid idea, rather being all over the place. So, in response to that, I have decided to revisit my Influence Maps and recreate them with help from tutor Phil. As I wanted to go for a more abstract approach to this city, it was said that I should consider a less Western style of display, and maybe approach it from a perspective that touches into the Eastern culture. These Influence Maps display images of dome like buildings based in countries such as Turkey.

So, after being inspired by these warm colours and exciting structures, I attempted to respond in a similar manner, as you can see above. I used Adobe Kuler to help me when considering colour palettes.

And when I went to my Photoshop session, Jordan  helped me to consider style and composition. This was followed by an introduction to The World's Fair, and the Romanticism genre of art.

The World's Fair was an event that practically showcased the city's most extravagant setting and achievements. The black and white images above are examples of Chicago's display in 1893. I would like to take inspiration from this for my composition. Because Diomira is such scenic city (in my opinion), I would like to convey how spectacular the architecture and atmosphere is within my designs. 

The Romanticism paintings above are an example of how to compose my concept arts, so to speak. Due to how 'romantic' Diomira is, I thought I'd paint it in an expressive manner, therefore having Romanticism inspire me with the vivid brushstrokes and textures.

I was then lead to being reminded of the Disney Pixar movie, Ratatouille. After reviewing the Romanticism genre, the painting techniques reminded me of this animated movie, resulting in me collecting some images (above) for inspiration. The film is set in Paris, which is automatically considered as 'romantic'. Colour palette and style wise, I thought that this would suit my theme of romance brilliantly. This then lead me to experiment and develop some sketches in colour.

As you can see, I'm sticking to a rather warm palette of colours, creating that cosy atmosphere I want to try and achieve. I tried to include some soft lighting to 'set the mood', as well as use textured brushes for that expressive technique. Overall, I'm pleased with what I've done so far, and now I shall practise some perspective techniques and consider the compositions that I was to use for the final product.


  1. Yay!! So many colours. These are all showing off great moods. Great to see all your influences too, those Russian temples sure are cool to look at. Looks like they'd serve icecream or something!


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