Soundscape: First Thoughts and Sound Experiments

So for this project, we are tasked with creating x3 30 second sound clips, each sound corresponding to a set of images that we were given during briefing, thanks to the mysterious blue box. Here are my images:

Image 1:
 Initial thoughts: Head lice, crawling, scratchy, scuttling little creatures. Cause an irritating itchy sensation, therefore I want to make the sound clip in a way so that it makes you want to grind your teeth and scratch your arms from the illusion of irritation.

Image 2:

Initial thoughts: An explosive burst of colour. Bright and powerful. I'd imagine some zing-y like sound effects with a possible base tone to emphasise the eccentricity of this image.

Image 3:

Initial thoughts: These unrecognisable objects, I imagine, would be floating in water, or some liquid form. They appear rather alien, so I may include the subtle metallic tone, but overall, I would like to keep the sound quite muffled and watery, as if little tadpoles were swimming through the reeds of a pond (but instead of tadpoles, this seems to be more microscopic, so to speak, like bacteria.)

First sound recordings:

My current progress:


  1. great to see you're thinking taking shape - and your harvesting of SFX! As you think more about this project, why not consider your images as 'key frames' - for example - the 'colour burst' image might be a key frame from the middle of the soundscape sequence - i.e. the 30 seconds starts when the colour burst is small. and barely there - like a spark - and then by the end of the soundscape, it's massively bigger, brighter and more agitated. You might want to use a series of digital paintings - like a storyboard - to express these changes, and there give you another level of challenge in terms of design - and this would go for all of your images - building some narrative in and around the key image :)


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