From Script to Screen: Story Idea Summaries and More Thinking Out Loud

So I've been trying to take in to more consideration as to what my 3 key aspects are and how I can utilize them. I've mainly been asking myself questions to help my thought process move along, such as:
~What genre will the story be? Comedy? Tragedy? Action/Adventure? Suspense-filled thriller?
~How significant is each aspect to your story?
~What's your inspiration? Could it come from the objects themselves? Perhaps an author, or director, or a character that already exists?

Story idea 1:
The main character is a tight rope walker and then becomes unwell in some way (illness or injury? Terminal or temporary?) and resides in a hospital. But one day, the hospital catches fire (purposefully or accidental? Man made or technical issues?) and as the fire spreads and puts lives in danger, the only way for the character to survive is to use his talent of tight rope walking and a fire extinguisher.

Questions: Will their current state get in the way of escaping? Will they make it out alive?

Story idea 2:
As a child, the main character wanted to aspire to become a tight rope walker and join the circus, but they were then forced to repress that dream to then pursue a more "successful career". They then become a  fire fighter, but secretly keep practicing tight rope walking as a hobby. Then suddenly, a fire breaks out at a hospital. The main character must then go there to save the civilians and put out the fire, but to do so, they must pass many obstacles, one of which truly tests their skills as a fire fighter and a tight rope walker.

Questions: Will they succeed?

Story idea 3:
The main character is admitted to, or lives at a psychiatric hospital after having a traumatizing experience at the circus.

Questions: What was the experience? Was it to do with a tight rope walker, or a they the tight rope walker? How are they suffering (type of condition they have)? What do they do at the asylum? How will you link the fire extinguisher into the story?


  1. Idea 1 sounds like an innovative mix of the items you were given but seems a little bit basic:) story number 2 is also cool, the use of dual professions is a nice idea :)


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