From Script to Screen: Just Thinking Out Loud

And so 'twas the beginning of a new project, and briefing began on Tuesday. For this Script to Screen project, we are tasked with essentially building up all of the necessary components to "construct a 1 minute animation"; to "pre-produce".

So to get the ball rolling for this project, at the briefing we were asked to select 1 thing from these 3 categories:

- Character
- Setting
- Prop

Because these components came from the infamous mysterious blue box, no one knew what they were in for! Here's my selection, I received:

- A tight rope walker
- Hospital
- Fire extinguisher

Now, it may all seem a tad random, but then, who doesn't like a creative challenge? So I got to thinking, what sort of story can I create from these 3 things? I started questioning all of the aspects of what I thought made a story. Why a fire extinguisher? Could it have any form of significance towards the character or the hospital? Will the character start out as a tight rope walker, or develop into one? Did they have a tragic childhood which lead them to join the circus? Could the fire extinguisher link to their initial career plan to be a fire fighter? Did they start out as a fire fighter that changed career plan because they had a passion for show biz? And why a hospital? Do they have a tragic accident? Or could they be a hero? What if, the fire extinguisher is used to help save the innocent trapped inside a burning hospital building, and the fire fighter uses his tight rope walking skills to cross a perilous fiery pit to reach a trapped individual?

So essentially, my thoughts so far lead to adventure and exciting events, with an individual who may not come across as a hero but typically saves the day, nevertheless, but I'll try not to make it too much of a cliché! But who knows what else my brain may have in store, I'll keep you guys posted on what I come up with next :)


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