Sketchbook Pro Practise - 23.01.15

So on Friday we were introduced to a new design program known as Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. The session was then essentially just testing out the features and experimenting. I did find it similar to Photoshop to a certain extent, but admittedly I found it easier too.

The symmetry tool was pretty fun to use!

So, as well as experimenting, I also took the opportunity to start jotting down ideas as to how the character of my story could look. They are merely just scribbles but it's the start of something! At this point, due to the manner of my story, I was thinking of creating a cartoony style character to emphasise the comedic aspect; think Tom & Jerry style.

Hopefully I will bring you more sketches and updates as we progress, so wish me luck!


  1. Oh your first sketches remind me of this :)

  2. something nice getting started in those sketches already, Chels :) onwards!

  3. Those lines have a lot of life in them, can't wait to see your characters develop


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