From Script to Screen: Character 1 Design Idea

Here we have my first leading lady for my tightrope walker story! Despite the lack of name, she still has her personality! I was hoping to make this character rather girly and prim, a sort of snooty character with a competitive edge, but still loveable/memorable nevertheless! I'm hoping to make her counterpart contrast with her "princessy" manner.

I was rather inspired after having been linked this video, with many thanks to Julien :

I also want my style to be quite cartoony to emphasise the comedic atmosphere, so I took inspiration from designs such as these:


So looking at the blocky shapes and sharp eyes, and taking influence from the lack of outlines in the art of the video sent, I came up with this! Below is a basic shape of what the body and proportions of this character looks like, and then the actual design of said character, including a potential costume design too. I wanted to make the proportions rather exaggerated, such as the tiny waist, but to also have some relevance to the athletic body type.

I really like the white hair :D


  1. Hi Chels - for me, the style is strong - but the outfit seems a tiny bit too froo-froo - and also wouldn't all the audience members be able to look up her skirt? Just saying... Maybe you should think a bit more like this in terms of costume design:

  2. I love the style, It looks so clean and is great to look at :D


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