From Script to Screen: New Idea for the Story

After speaking with Phil today, he managed to help me out with where my story could possibly be taken, which has made me feel more relieved and inspired. Thanks Phil! :)

Story idea:

There are two female tight rope walkers, both in the circus, that are constantly competing for the limelight and to see who the better performer is. Their catty squabbles and fiery attitudes have lead then to certain extremities when performing on the trapeze. Show by show, each stunt became more radical by the act, until one day, stunts and disputes went too far. Ridiculous manoeuvres have lead the two leading ladies to become hospitalised after a major accident. You would've thought that they would learn, but both are still in dispute, even if they are trapped in their body casts until recovery. Old habits die hard, will they ever learn?

I like the fact that this idea has more of a comedic atmosphere to the scenario, with a somewhat moral ending, even if the characters never learn (Again, that could add to the comedy) Also, Phil suggested introducing a second character, which was interesting as it gives more depth to the story, seeing as a tight rope walker can be quite linear. Also, bringing it back to the circus rather than completely basing the story in a hospital gives excitement to the atmosphere as different changes in scenery can alter mood.

Let's see where this story takes us!


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