Project: The "What If" Metropolis - Thumbnails 65 - 71 and updated Influence Map

Admittedly, I have been slightly struggling with compiling together ideas for my city after my feedback from my OGR. I thought the OGR went rather well, but I would have to say that my biggest  concern would be that I would essentially repeat myself in my thumbnails. But I will try my best to churn out more ideas!

And so, here is what I've come up with so far. Based on my feedback from Tutor Phil on my OGR, I needed to look more into my artist and consider his work closely. It was noted that my city should have more of an "old-school" power source to it, such as kilns and forges, and the buildings, despite size, should be more low lying.

In my influence map, I have included factors such as skeletal structures and wooden frames as an approach to my idea of negative spacing, mixed with my interpretation of Phil's idea of "old-school". Below are a couple of designs for my cities lights and buildings. I wanted to keep it relatively abstract and curvy, in light of Deacon's sculptures such as "After": 

To keep the ceramic theme included, I thought I'd gem the buildings with fragments of ceramics to add more colour, as well as continue the green glow theme mentioned within my Travelogue. The idea would be that the streetlights would reflect onto the ceramics which would cause the glow.


  1. 68 and 69 look pretty strange and fascinating as buildings. I can picture see a very windy road network within a city full of those. :)


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