Project: The "What If" Metropolis - Initial Thumbnails 1 - 18

So here's my starting point for my ideas for my set. My initial influence map is of Richard Deacon's work. I then used this to help me produce some of my first thumbnails so that I can then develop my ideas and later on bring in exterior influences to help build up my final influence map.

Below are some images of where I'm pretty much just thinking out loud at the moment. I started off considering what materials I would use, basing it off of Deacon's work. He tends to use a wide variety of materials, but I thought that I would stick with one or two. This then lead me to looking at iron works such as gates, fencing and pipes. And as for the structures for each building, I looked at the curvy and flexible bone structure of a snake. This is a reference to how fluid I want the buildings to look. But I also need to consider the negative space for the in-between bits.

And so, here are my starting thumbnails!

I think these thumbnails were more of a case of me just putting brush to canvas and making abstract marks to get the creativeness flowing. Let me know down in the comments below what you think ^.^


  1. Nice ideas so far Chels, I'm liking 1, 5, 9 and 16. If you're stuck maybe look at some objects and block out the negative space to help produce some ideas, you can also skew and play around with the shapes afterwards to get a better effect :)


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