Online Greenlight Review Part 1 - Project: The "What If" Metropolis - 05/11/14


  1. OGR 07/11/2014

    Hi Chels,

    There are a number of your thumbnails that I like: I like the spectacle of those cage-lights like lollipops (36) and the simpler, more 'pure' structures of some of the others; I like too the idea of using that green glaze as a binding element for your city in general terms. I suppose I'm not sure about that tower in your city, only because Deacon seems to favour lower-lying forms - so epic like this:

    and less like this:,_London/Shangri-La-Hotel-At-The-Shard-London-Hero.jpg

    The other thought I had while reading your travelogue concerned the power-source - if your world is made of real materials - clay/wood/glass etc. - maybe you could look at a more 'lo-fi' idea in terms of power; there's something artisan about Deacon's work - hand-made, so maybe in terms of power-sources look at the technologies of craft: so kilns and potters wheels and forges:édelon)_Forge.JPG

    I think, if you look at Deacon's work, there's something 'non-tech' and traditional about his constructions and choice of material, and I wonder if you need to factor that back into the design of your city; you've got that tram, which is automated/computerised/floaty - but would Deacon think in those terms, do you think? Would there be mysterious power sources - or would it all be more old-school? I suggest you look at the techniques/technologies he uses to create his forms, and try and use those as a further set of design principles for designing your city.


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