Online Greenlight Review Part 2 - Project: The "What If" Metropolis - 19/11/14


  1. 20/11/2014

    Hi Chels,

    Okay - 2 suggestions for you; the first is, what with this rather too conventional composition with the empty road winding though the middle of your scene, all the interesting assets are shoved rather unceremoniously to the edges of your digital set. I know you're trying to show us the 'kiln' etc. but an awful lot of attention is being paid here to a very generic road, and I'm just wondering if that's the most dynamic view of this city? The second is - why mountains? Why a range of generic mountains? Why not more city? Why not more evocative shapes of sculptural skylines? Right now, it does feel as if we've come to the boundary of small village at the foot of a mountain range, as opposed to experiencing a view of a metropolis. It's not that you key assets aren't interesting, it's just your concept art isn't making the most of them. The other issue is that everything here has the same scale - so in the way that a street has houses in it all the same size - but where are the landmark buildings and the range of sizes? I think you need to work with your established assets more creatively and 'up-scale' your vision: see link for an example of scale and variance

    At the moment you've got one tree, one kiln, one round building, one taller building... I think you need think in terms of clusters and repeated clusters...


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