Project: The "What If" Metropolis - Composition Developments

After receiving feedback on my previous set of thumbnails, I have developed the images that had been brought to my attention. Here I am trying to experiment with angling, lighting and composition for my final concept art. I feel that in numbers 1 and 3, I need to bring more elements into the foreground.  Let me know in the comments down below what you think so far! :)


  1. I like number 2 and 4 although number 4 seems to be lacking something, it is just a single furnace really with some shapes, try expanding that out a bit and for number 2 you should try changing the angle a bit, maybe? I think you could go lower and get a more extreme effect!

  2. I like the background of number 1. I really like number 2, but I get the feeling of just passing through the city, rather than actually being in it - does that make sense? I think number 4 is strongest, but I agree with Brem about maybe expanding on it. Could you maybe create something going on behind the furnace to create a bit more space? Sorry - more work I know! :(

  3. I'm liking 1 and 2, I think 2 is worth expanding on for a final composition! The background of 1 is really lovely, combining it with 2 could be a possibility?


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