The Pocket Full of Stuff (Concepts 45 and 46)

And so the experimentation continues! Another method I considered using for producing ideas was to incorporate tracing paper as a tool; introducing the Pocket Full of Stuff!

 As you can see, inside the pocket are tracings of the objects given to me. Each tracing is just a simple outline, but my idea was to take a few tracings and use layering as a method to produce new ideas. Below are just a couple of experimentations I have produced.
I enjoyed the effect given by number 45, the overlapping of the one object has given definition to create a new shape. Either that, or it just looks a bit silly. BUT that is what experimentation is for! You never know unless you try!

So, as a conclusion, personally I think that although it can be fun to overlap, don't over do it, otherwise you can't make sense of what's going on. Back to the drawing board!


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