And we've finally made it! - CAA Summer Project Challenge (Final Turn Around Designs)

 So after coming up with as many design ideas as I could, it was finally time to pick my top 3! Unfortunately I wasn't able to produce 101 ideas completely, but I tried being as imaginative as I could.

So for each "turn around" image, I had to choose my favourite Structure design, Life form design, and my favourite Machine design. Looking back on what I had produced, to me, numbers 6, 7, and 14 were the winners:

So after deciding my favourites, I had to create refined turn around images of my final decisions. Here's how they turned out:



And there we have it! My final turn around designs! I have very much enjoyed this project, although there were times when I struggled for some inspiration. They don't call this a summer "challenge" for nothing! But, nevertheless, I had fun working on it ^.^

I hope you enjoyed viewing my work, and hopefully look forward to seeing my future works. Please feel free to let me know what you think of my ideas, all critiques are welcome. I'm always looking to improve!


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