Project: Invisible Cities - Initial Thumbnail Sketches 1, 2, and 3

Invisible Cities is our first ever project based around the aspect of concept design. As part of the brief, we are tasked with creating thumbnail sketches based upon extracts of the novel "Invisible Cities" by Italo Calvino. It has been noted that each city has been named after a woman. Whether these descriptions of said cities are meant for relating to a female of a similar name, we are not sure.

Below are the first few thumbnail sets that I have completed. Each set was made into an exercise, sort of a challenge if you will, so that each individual box had to be filled with different, with only a minute to complete each box.




As these are just initial ideas, I thought that it'd be best to be quick with sketching, so although it isn't a crisp clean linear artwork, the ideas are there. It is best to work quickly and efficiently. I was also experimenting with different brush tools in Photoshop so that I could get used to the feeling of how each brush handles. Time to get back to some more tablet work!


  1. Hey Chelsea,

    Really like the Esmeralda page - particularly 10 - so communicative of landmass and canals.

    See link:

  2. These thumbnails really show the different themes of the cities! The use of lines and texture brush stuff is great comparatively. Definitely try to explore that more!

  3. Your classmate, Dan Reason has a new blog url after some tech gremlins messed with his original - please add him to your reading list, as he's been follower-less since day one :(

  4. Several of your Esmerelda images look very mysterious, especially 5, 9, 13 and 15. I get the impression of lots of fog enshrouding the city with is an intriguing image.

    For Baucis your figures give off a creepy vibe to the city, thumbnail 16 especially as it looks like he's groaning or screaming in the light. Those large blank eyes give me an impression that the people are not quite human (physically and psychologically).


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