It's all a bit loopy - Our First Session with Animation and Character

So on Friday, our year was due our first session with Animation and Character. As a start, we were tasked with creating a loop animation using a paper disk:

Basically, this disk was going to be placed on a zeotrope. A zeotrope is a device that allows the illusion of motion to be displayed using a series of images drawn so that they are believed to be going through the process of motion.

In this video, the 2D animation is displayed on the mirror, reflecting the image to the viewer. The zeotrope is spun at a certain speed so that the illusion of motion is taking place.

Although, because this was our first time handling one of these devices, we didn't realise that we had made our ball look like it was bouncing on the ceiling! 

We then progressed to create a group morph animation, where we had to draw the person sitting on our left, and then copy the image of ourselves created by the person sitting on our right. With these two images, we then had to produce the rest of the 10 frames that would come in between our original images, creating the morphing scene, thus giving us 12 frames per person. 12 frames resulted in one second of footage. Here's the results!


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