So It Begins - CAA Summer Project Challenge (Concepts 1 - 26) and a Quick Introduction

Hello there everyone! It's very nice to meet you all (or at least, you know, see you reading my post). My name is Chelsea and I am a new student proceeding into the BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts course at UCA! ^.^ Feel free to drop me a message saying hello, I look forward getting to know you all.

As part of entering this course, we have been given a summer project to complete before we arrive. The challenge was to create 101 concept drawings based off a certain amount of objects. So, to start off my days of blogging, here are a few of the concept drawings I've come up with so far:

As these are initial ideas, they are a bit sketchy, but initial ideas usually are at the beginning. I've also noticed that I have a continuous use of symmetry in my silhouette ideas, so maybe I could now try something more abstract in my next few designs.

And there you have it! My first post! \(^.^)/
I hope you have enjoyed viewing my ideas so far, feel free to comment one what you think, I'm always open to criticisms.

(Also feel free to tell me if I ramble on too much, I never know what to write in these things!)


  1. Hi Chelsea,

    welcome one the course : )) Good luck with your summer project! So far I see many interesting ideas in your sketches : )
    Keep it up!

  2. Hello! I'm also a new student! Can't wait to meet you soon c:

    Your silhouettes are pretty interesting, I'd definitely work with a few of those. I quite like number 1 and 8, they seem somewhat cute.


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