Character: Redefining an Existing Character and Creating Silhouettes (13.10.15)

So, as the title implies, last weeks character session consisted of us experimenting and learning more about how to create a character. The first task given to us was to choose an existing character and recreate them using one of the key words we chose for our Character project. My words were:




In the end I chose the word Liquid, and worked upon that. I tried to be ambitious with how I could portray the character, Link, from The Legend of Zelda game series. At first, I imagined him as a creature from the deep, i.e. a mermaid. I then thought about turning him into someone who can actually control water. And then, just for a bit of fun, I turned him into a fish with a sword and sheild, and even made him become water! This exercise was pretty fun, although it was a little difficult for me to come up with ideas at first.

The second exercise was for us to be given a key word, and then create definitive silhouettes based on that. I was given the word Witch, and so again I tried to be imaginative with my creations. I created the typical witch that you usually see on Halloween decorations, a good witch, a powerful and "scary" witch, a school girl witch, and an old witch.

It was really interesting to take this approach in creating a character, and I found it really helpful to understand shapes and poses a little better as well, so I shall put this technique into practise when creating my characters.


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