Character: Designing Environments

This week's character session was about environments, and how important it is to create the right environment to aid the narrative of a story. For this exercise, we were given a character and were tasked with designing them an environment that we thought they would live in.

I was given this image above, and decided to chose the pirate character. Below are the sketches that I came up with. I was aiming for a sort of rough, shipwrecked sort of accomodation, because the character looks rather brutish, like he would be the leader of a group of outlaws. I decided to take on the idea of using a ship to build parts of his environment, and to set perhaps near the ocean, such as in a dock or near some cliffs. 

And then below is an example of our last task of the session. We were given two words and were then asked to consider this as an environment and how we would build it into a narrative. I was given the words, "eerie throne room", to which I then did a few bullet points of what came to mind and added in a couple of sketches.


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