Fantastic Voyage: Online Green Light Review 1


  1. OGR 05/03/2015

    Morning Chels,

    Okay, yes - so I can see how creating a retro side-scroller will most definitely appeal, but I have a question for you; is there an argument for going the whole hog and actually thinking about cycle as an actual game - with actual game play? I'm not suggesting that you design a truly interactive experience, but rather you seek to simulate one. It seems to me that if you're going to give people the semblance of game, then why not think about creative ways in which you can 'gameify' the life-cycle; this would mean deciding who or what you are playing 'as' - are you the mosquito, are you the medicine, are you the blood cell? How, in the logic of the actual scientific facts, can you meet and beat challenges? How can you power-up? The problem with creating an animation that is 'only' the appearance of a game is that it might be considered a bit boring, because of the urge to get in there and interact. Perhaps you could think of each phase of the life-cycle being it's own 'level' which gets completed as the section completes - and each level having different kinds of challenge as aligned with the cycle? Like I said, you'd be 'faking' the experience of someone playing it - rather like someone's footage uploaded to youtube? Anyway, think about the potential of choosing 'game' as a visual concept - could and should it be more than just art direction? Something to think about...


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