Fantastic Voyage: Mosquito Character Initial Ideas

And so the design process begins! And I thought that I should start with some character designs, and for one of my main characters that will appear in the character select screen, I have chosen to create a mosquito, seeing as it plays quite a role in the malaria life cycle. Because I am creating a "game", I wanted my character to appear somewhat cartoon-y. I didn't want to over complicate the designs as I thought it would be best to keep it simple for when I transform the character into a game sprite. I looked at images of mosquitos and jotted down a few key words to aid with my designs. The outer shell of the insects body appears robust, hence the armoured outfit, and the limbs are thing and skeletal, so I played with the thickness of the arms and legs, including sharp edges on the armour to display his bad guys traits.


  1. strategic question - what's your technical approach to actually creating the mosquito?


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