Fantastic Voyage: Initial Cell Ideas

I have to admit, this project is pretty tough, and unfortunately I have been slightly struggling with grasping my concept. But I have managed to jot down an idea of how I could take it, and to demonstrate this, I have drawn up a few cell thumbnails to portray the style I could aim for. As I will be creating a "game" to show the life cycle, I thought about creating sprites for the cells and they could potentially become playable characters within the sequence.


  1. I'm loving your style here Chels! I like 1 and 5 on the first sheet and 3 and 5 on the second :)

  2. I personally like 2 and 5 for sporozoite ! and 2,3 for merozoite :)


    Here's some stuff you might wanna look at if you really want to get deep into pixel art and sprites, it can get kinda technical but it's fun.

    There's an artist on deviantart.. and whilst its all anime kind of stuff the skill they have is great!

    It's pixels, and very small files, but it has a painterly quality to it. She uses something called GraphicsGale
    but it's not really about the tools, Photoshop works just fine if not great for pixels !

    The idea is to work small! (Real small, photoshop files could be 100x100, and you use the pencil tool instead of the brush tool) The best thing about pixels is you can scale them up infinitely and they'll still look pixel-y. (Scaling down is more of an issue, though)

  4. Awesome :) the pixelated look is great, I like the 1st and 3rd on the sporozite sheet, the 3rd looks quite scary like it belongs in an action game. And number 3 for the merozite.


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