Narrative: Environment Thumbnails

For the beginning of our group projects, we were asked to chose 3 cards to help us create our story. The cards my group chose were:

In a Laboratory

Tonal Montage


After weeks of brainstorming and refining plots and experimenting with the technique of tonal montage, we have finally come to an agreement of how the story for our animation will play out.

So far, the story will be based around two robots. A lonely scientist has spent many years of his life dedicated to creating a new generation of robot. Robots that are capable of feeling and experiencing human emotions. But this is no simple task, for it involved a lot of trial and error, resulting in copious amounts of unsuccessful experiments. The most recent model of robot is still functioning, until it discovers that there is a newer robot being created on the table next to it. The now old robot becomes jealous of this newer model, but due to the emotion of jealousy being so vast and indescribable, the old robot is unable to cope with such an emotion, and short circuits.

Here I have roughed out the possibilities of how the robotics lab could appear. We considered creating a somewhat dark and dank work area to emphasise the amount of time and effort that has gone into creating a robot capable of human emotions.


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