Character: 'The Hero' Initial Ideas

For my character design project, I chose the three cards:




The idea so far is that the story behind the game that this character will be featured in goes like so; deep within the ocean, past many reefs and bundles of seaweed, there is a kingdom. This kingdom is habited by many fantastical ocean creatures, one of them being the king. The king lives within an extravagant palace, and deep in the heart of the palace lies the powerful force that protects and energises the kingdom; a precious pearl, almost as large as one's head, that breathes life into the kingdom.

But one day, an evil creature, once a member of the royal court but now banished, stole the pearl from the kingdom so that they may claim the power for themselves.

With the kingdom in danger, the king calls forward any brave soul to go and retrieve the pearl. A plucky young creature steps forward, in hopes of proving himself to the kingdom that he has the potential to become something more.

The plucky young creature will be the hero of this story, and I am in the process of designing him.

I have made a few variations of how he could appear, by depicting different body types, as well as pointing out certain features such as the difference between having a tail or feet, which will hopefully help me decide the direction to take in designing him.


  1. Those are lovely variations of types :-D

  2. The head-fin of the third one reminds me of Link. The child-like one is adorable though with those stubby fingers and innocent face.


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