Fantastic Voyage: Background Environments

So these are hopefully what I aim to use as the backgrounds for my animation. Each environment will represent a different stage in the "game". I also decided to use a marshland sort of environment for the mosquito stages as that is one of their known habitats. Admittedly, the liver environment was the most difficult to design, but keeping things simple has helped.



Mosquito Midgut



  1. They look amazing! Your liver looks a bit like my lungs, and you have to show me the technique you use to make it so pixely :)

  2. Looking great, these will fit into your 'levels' nicely c:

  3. very nice, chels... meanwhile:

    "Roll up! Roll up! It's the Tombola Of Dreams!"

  4. This is right up my street, excited to see it complete! :D


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