From Script to Screen: Script Rewrite - Diva Disaster

After hearing a bit of feedback about the original script, I slightly edited the beginning and the end. I am still unsure if the second act is fast-paced enough, but I was aiming for a back and forth sort of action between the characters, so I'm hoping I have achieved something close! 


  1. Hi Chelsea!

    Looking good so far! Perhaps for the visuals the jump cuts miss out the divas actually grabbing the items. ie. we cut back and forth and each time we do they're in the middle of juggling/using something more outlandish each time

    Remember that scene in The Birds where we saw the crows gather in the playground and there was a tracking shot of a single crow, but when we see it land it's joining a flock that suddenly quadrupled in size since the last time we saw it? Maybe you could try something like that.


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